Ozark Trail 6-Person 10'x9' Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent Gray

Ozark Trail 6-Person 10'x9' Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent Gray

Ozark Trail 6-Person 10'x9' Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent Gray

You should be able to pitch this tent in 2 minutes or less because the poles all come pre-attached to the tent. Even cooler, the poles all have integrated LED lighting—perfect for not only pitching the tent in full darkness but also setting a mood at your campsite. The 3-season tent is tough enough to handle heavy rains and winds, and it features “Enhanced Weather Armor” that will guarantee ozark trail canopy waterproofing even when the sky is pouring hard. The steel poles offer excellent sturdiness for your tent’s frame, but it’s surprisingly lightweight (just 20 pounds) for a tent so large. The cabin design gives you lots of room to sleep, sit, and stand, and the 6’6” peak height is well-suited for taller campers. Thanks to the roomy interior and ample headspace, you’ll lounge in style.

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Certain brands are tailored towards certain camping styles, depending on how many people you want to bring. Although Ozark Trail offers tents in the two to five-person sizes, their bread & butter are the larger sizes. If you find a brand that specializes in the size you want, you’re likely to end up with a great product. Ozark Trail makes an affordable quality family tent, and this 10-person instant cabin tent is no different.

This is perfect for campers who don’t want to be woken up to the suns rays at 5 in the morning on a nice camping trip. On the downside, there’s no porch or any significant awning to speak of, so all your gear will have to stay indoors. And prepare to deal with a bit of mud or dirt because you have to store your shoes/boots inside the tent. Ozark tents ozark trail canopy are designed to fit the needs of the occasional camper, or the camper who does not want to purchase an expensive top of the line tent. If the rain and wind arrive, you can put the fly cover over quickly and easily, using guy ropes. Air continues to circulate as there is still plenty of open space between the top of the tent and the fly cover.

For instance, the Core, though this model is more a cabin shape and not as sleek as the Ozark. This is also a heavier tent to move around, whereby the Ozark is not only easy to put up but it’s very portable. The Ozark Trail family tent easily sleeps up to 10 people, keeping them comfortable and dry. Don’t take our word for it – have a look at what the Ozark Trail tent has got that makes it so special for a family vacation. This is what makes it so portable, no matter how many times you move around on your camping trip. Use all three rooms, with the two provided room dividers, or use it as one large room for family or party events.

Fire Treated Canvas - Fire treatment disallows the spread of an open flame. Required on all tents shipped to New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, Michigan, Massachusetts, California, Louisiana and Canada. This feature is highly recommended if you are using a stove within your tent. This is a much stronger system than tents with metal grommets pressed into the eaves. Compared to competitors like Core and Coleman, Ozark Trail’s weather protection isn’t as solid. You may think that the more expensive a tent is, the better it will be.

If you’re in a hot, dry clime you may not need a waterproof fly over. With a partly meshed roof and roller blinds on the meshed windows, you’ll get lots of air circulation. After spending a lot of time with Ozark Trail tents, my final verdict is that they’re excellent budget friendly tents. They might not be great for winter camping, and they’re not rated for hurricane-force rains, but they will give you a great camping experience in fairer weather.

In addition, it comfortably fits two queen airbeds or up to 10 campers in sleeping bags on the floor. Whether you’re camping with the family or pitching a tent in your backyard, this is a great family-sized shelter to consider. With 100+ square feet of floor space, it’s roomy enough to fit two queen mattresses side by side. The unique design features vertical walls and a 92-inch peak height that gives you some pretty impressive room to move around inside—plus floor space enough to fit 8 adults. It’s got space enough for two queen mattresses or eight sleeping bags/sleeping pads, and the interior gives you plenty of room for indoor activities.